Empty1/4 (Kuwait)

Ahmed Ja’afar (aka Empty1/4) began his musical journey five years ago with little to no musical background and a load of passion and drive. Initially embarking on a mission to produce intelligent electronic music for Kuwait, his first publicly recognized piece was for jewellery artist, Muneera Al Sharhan at Kreate, where he soundtracked an interstellar jewellery exhibit with found sounds and original samples to create a loose, galactic feel for the space. He hasn’t stopped working on music and sound design since. Most recently, Empty1/4 published his first official release on the France-based record label, Work & Consume, as part of his duo project ‘Empty Alter’ with fellow artist Altersal. The A side of the record, titled Negiznee, which is Kuwaiti slang for “make me bounce,” is a brooding and evolving cut of techno carefully crafted to get people bouncing.

Empty1/4 will be hosting a live soundlab at REUSE.

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