Cheb Moha (Iraq, Canada)

Cheb Moha uses his travels as a tool to connect himself with the space around him, the people around him. He welcome’s people into his space to see and feel what he sees and feels. Living out of his suitcase for almost two years now, this is an ever evolving experiment to see how people will react to such an unpredictable lifestyle. He is a traveler and an explorer. He is curious about things. He designs clothing. He makes street-wear from stuff that he picks up on the streets, while walking around observing people’s interactions with each other – with space and with themselves. He also documents things through photography. He art direct’s his life to match his lifestyle and tries to be as practical as possible even though at times it doesn’t quite pan out.

Cheb Moha was born in Baghdad and grew up in Libya. He moved to Canada at the age of 13. These location and movements shape who he is today.

Cheb Moha 2

Mohammed Hasoon (aka Cheb Moha) will present an interactive installation on Arab street culture at REUSE.

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